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Hi! My name is Theresa Mullan, but most people call me “Tree.” I live in Wollongong and, more importantly, I am a Commonwealth-registered Marriage Celebrant – which is hopefully why you are here, reading about me.


I have a background in performance and I love any opportunity to bring some creative flair to the ceremonies that I conduct. For me, being creative doesn't necessarily mean turning every ceremony into a full-scale production (although I am totally onboard if you are wanting to go that far), it just means that I like to find new and different ways to help my clients to bring their stories to life.







I love parties of all sizes. From dinner parties to large-scale events and everything in between. I love planning them, styling them, facilitating them, attending them and coming up with themes for them. Being a celebrant means that I can incorporate my passion into my work - so, pretty much a match made in heaven!


I have a degree in Performing Arts - which basically means I spent 3 years of my life getting in touch with my feelings and singing and dancing a lot. The good news is, my background in performance means that I am comfortable standing up/speaking in front of crowds.


Without getting too formal, I have a background in Business Development, Marketing & Events Management. I currently run my own business and also do some marketing consultancy separate to being a celebrant – I like keeping busy. This fact wasn't fun, sorry.


I'm a social person who loves catching up with friends over a cheeky glass of wine (or gin). I also love meeting new people, hearing their stories and finding out what they are passionate about. This is one of the reasons I decided to become a celebrant, because it gives me the opportunity to learn about people and help them to design a ceremony that showcases their story in a meaningful way.


I’m passionate about red lipstick #enoughsaid


proud to marry
same-sex couples

I am a proud supporter of marriage equality and I am so glad that same-sex marriage is now legal in Australia so that I can help all couples to solemnize their marriages. 

let's get together

Now that you know a little bit about who I am, if you think that I might be the right fit for your ceremony then please submit an enquiry and we can set up a time to meet in person.

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