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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Theresa Mullan Celebrant

Hi there!

If you’re reading this, I’m 99% certain that you already know me (Hi Mum). That said, on the off chance we’ve never met, or you’d like to know a little more about me, then I’m kickstarting this blog by introducing myself and explaining the reasons why I got into the celebrant biz.

If you’re in the market for a celeb (that’s how the cool kids say “celebrant”), this post is a little taste tester that will help you to figure out if I’m the gal for you. For everyone else, I’m not sure what you’ll get outta this post, but feel free to read on anyway..?

Still awake? Here goes...

My name is Theresa Mullan, but most people call me “Tree”. I know that it’s not exactly short for “Theresa” but, it was a nickname given to me by a friend (thanks Vic!) in Mrs Dawson’s Year 8 History class and it just kinda stuck - TBH, it’s probably the only thing that I remember from that class. Anyway, I like it when people call me “Tree” because it makes me feel like we are pals.

I am (currently) 30 and I live in Wollongong, Australia but that’s all pretty boring, so here’s a list of things that should give you a better idea of the type of person I am:

  • I’m a certified big sister - just like a counsellor but without the training and only for a select, biologically determined client base.

  • I’m a multi-hyphened side hustler - Outside of being a celebrant, I’m a marketer and I have vintage furniture hire business.

  • I’m a lover (not a fighter) - I’ve got a sentimental heart and I cry during movies, songs, speeches and whenever I read a card that someone has written to me.

  • I’m organised and love a cheeky bit of admin - Clean spreadsheets and completed forms are totally my jam and don’t get me started about calendar invites.

  • I like coriander - Hope that’s not a deal breaker..?

Having read all of that, if you still want to know more about me then have a read of this page. If not, let’s get onto the more relevant stuff with a cheeky little Q&A.

Q1. When did I become a celebrant?

I officially became a celebrant in April 2018 and launched my business in August of the same year. While I still consider myself new to the game, I have done a number of ceremonies in a short time and, with each one, I have gained more and more experience and now have a better understanding of how to make each one memorable, heartfelt, fun and unique.

So far, some of my highlights include ceremonies that I have performed on beaches, in barns, at lookouts, in backyards and in gardens. I’ve had experience doing short ceremonies, long ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and naming ceremonies. I’ve done ceremonies in the sunshine and others in the wind and rain and I’ve loved being part of every single one of ‘em.

Q2. Why did I become a celebrant?

I know celebrants don’t JUST do weddings (we also do other cool stuff like naming ceremonies), but I’ve always had a thing for weddings and they were the thing that drew me to this gig in the first place. In fact, I used to work in a marketing team for a company that had a large portfolio of wedding venues and would often get teased (in a nice way) by my colleagues for lusting after bridal magazines, so much so that they once stuck a picture of my face on the front cover of a magazine we’d been sent (thanks Renay, Ange & Sascha!).

My love for weddings isn’t just about lace and tulle and flowers and live music and fairy lights and dancing and cake. While I appreciate all of those things as much as the next person, I’ve always enjoyed the actual wedding ceremonies and here’s why:

  1. I love words - It’s not very often that we tell someone WHY we love them. I love that wedding ceremonies (and personal vows in particular) give couples an opportunity to speak openly and honestly about how much they love each other and the reasons why.

  2. It’s all about the couple - For me, the ceremony is the only time during the whole day where the couple get a chance to truly enjoy the meaning of the day, free from the interruption of the guests.

  3. I love the very idea of the ceremony - When I was studying acting, I learned about the concept of “liminal space” - meaning that ambiguous bit between ‘what was’ and ‘what is next’. For me, the ceremony is just that and, while in this land of limbo, the legal procedures, the rituals and the traditions that are performed all add to a couple entering a new chapter/adventure/journey together and I love being part of that. While I acknowledge that through this process the love that the couple shares may not change at all, I still believe that the fact that they are legally bound and have said all of the lovely words together, in front of their favourite people changes things - it ups the ante in a great way.

Q3. What do I love most about being a celebrant?

I love any opportunity to perform and, being a celebrant allows me to bring love stories to life on a regular basis, in front of a supportive crowd and two loved up people - you couldn’t buy a better audience if you tried. That said, I let my couples determine my level of involvement. For some, I play a supporting role and devise a script that makes the two leads (the couple) shine. On the other hand, I’ve also worked with lots of people who aren’t so keen at being centre stage, so I am well versed at how to help people who aren’t so great at public speaking to find their voice and relax in the moment allowing them to contribute where necessary (and legally required) and then finding new and different ways to share their story without forcing them into the spotlight.

I think that’s probably enough from me for my first post, but, I hope that it has given you a better understanding of who I am and the kinda celebrant that I am and answered some of your (not so) burning questions. That said, if you need or want to know anything else, please get in touch.

Tree xx

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